UV lights for HVAC systems are one of the latest tools to keep your home or business environment safe and virus-free. They require little to no maintenance, are inexpensive, and are highly efficient at protecting your family or employees and customers. Our technicians can install one of these lights in about an hour.

Installed in existing air ducts, UV lights are used effectively for killing virus, bacteria, mold and other pathogens passing through the air. Added benefits can include:

  • Provide 100% electronic UV air purification
  • Stop odor caused by bio-contaminated air conditioning systems
  • Reduce or eliminate various allergens by ~99%
  • Work in any residential or commercial HVAC system
  • Easy installation for existing duct
  • Low Power Consumption

Our office team at 973 994 1778 is here to help you plan and schedule an installation. For more information about UV-light products and specifications, visit our partner SufiRobotics.